Home & Business Networking


If you're ready to ditch the wires, then give us a call and we can set up a clutter-free wireless network for you in a jiffy!  Need to send information to a printer in a different room from your laptop?  No problem, we can set that up.  Need to connect your gaming console to the internet so you can stream movies?  We've got you covered. 

For all you entrepreneurs out there, we also set up windows server-based small business networks.

Home Networking

blank-laptopWireless networking has come a long way in recent years.  You can now connect the devices you use most and share photos, music and data without the wires.  The possibilities are endless.  From streaming movies to wireless printing to high speed hand-held gaming, we can hook you up (so to speak)!

Intermedia 3 can set up everything you need and show you how to utilize every aspect of your new wireless network.  You'll be surfing the internet from any room in the house in no time!

Business Networking

server-caseIn computer terminology, networking is connecting two or more workstations to enhance operability. The connections can be to a centralized server or simply to other workstation computers. The overall goal is to allow multiple users to work on and share files and programs.

InterMedia 3, Inc. has been setting up personal and business networks for over thirteen years. These networks include Windows Peer to Peer, NT and Server 2003 & 2008 based Operating Systems. We also have vast experience with Firewalls, Proxy, Exchange and SQL Servers.

We will offer you knowledge and experience in the design of your network, whether local (LAN) or to connect multiple business sites (WAN). In a client/server setup, we will custom build the server with a mirrored hard drive configuration or a more reliable RAID system using multiple striped SCSI or SATA hard drives.

The servers built by InterMedia 3, Inc. are assembled with the highest quality parts thus providing a three to five year manufacturer's warranty.